When a goal is either complete or no longer relevant, you can close or archive it. 

  • Closing a key result will allow you to still see it when viewing the OKR, but it will no longer a be prompt for rating/metric update in the reflection
  • Archiving a key result will hide it from the list of active goals. Archived goals will not show up in reflections for updates.

To close or archive a goal, choose that option from the actions button next to a goal:

Viewing closed goals

When you close the goal, you will still see the goal in the list, but it will be shown as closed to reflect its true status:

Viewing archived goals

If you need to access an archived goal, use the "Show Archived" toggle at the bottom of the goals page.

Archived goals can also be restored to the goal list at any time using the actions menu.

Deleting Goals

If you'd like permanently delete a goal (e.g., if a goal was entered mistakenly), choose the Delete goal option from actions. A deleted goal can not be restored later, so proceed with caution.

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