We've worked hard to make the new user experience for Koan as easy as possible. In many cases, just inviting everyone on your team is a great way to start. 

However, if you'd like to communicate more clearly what Koan is and why you're rolling it out for the team, consider using and/or modifying some slides prepared by a generous Koan customer for new teams:

If your team is used to email announcements, we've also written a short template that you're welcome to modify and use:


Our [LEADERSHIP TEAM] has been using Koan to set and track our objectives for the [PAST QUARTER] with great success, and we are excited to roll it out across the entire company.

Koan provides a central space where any employee can browse and review the current status of any of our objectives. This means more transparency, better communication, and better alignment in our common mission to be there for our customers.

When you sign in to Koan, you'll be able to review the current status of the company's top-level objectives as well as add your own. By using Koan's weekly reflections to keep them up to date, we'll all benefit from new opportunities to coordinate our work!

As you start using Koan, it’s worth checking out the getting started guide in their help center. Their support is helpful and responsive, too, and you can reach them with any questions about the platform at support@koan.co.

Thanks, all, and please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions or feedback about Koan!


Other tips for rolling Koan out to your team:

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