Removing a user from a team

You may want to remove someone from your team if they are remaining a part of the org, but is no longer a member of your team. After removing them from your team they will still have Koan access and may also still be assigned to other teams.

Team Admins, Managers, and Organizational Administrators can remove users from a team by selecting Manage Team > Members.

Then, select the three-dot kebab icon, and select Remove member.

Note: After removing an individual from your team, they will still have access to Koan! If you wish to delete the user from Koan entirely, continue reading under Deleting a user from Koan. To do this, you will need to be an Organizational Administrator.

Deleting your team

If your team is no longer being used and you wish for it to be entirely deleted from Koan. Note that after you delete a team, you will lose all of that team's data forever. We suggest that you pull a CSV from the All Goals page before deleting a team to ensure that you still have some record of that team's goals.

To delete a team, you will need to be the Team Manager, Admin, or an Organizational Admin. You can delete the team by selecting Manage Team > General, and scrolling to the bottom of the page to the Delete Team section.

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Note: The action of deleting a team cannot be reversed. All of that team's data will be lost forever.

Deleting a user from Koan

You may want to delete a user from Koan altogether if they are no longer with your organization or if they will no longer be expected to use Koan.

To remove someone completely from your Koan account you must be an Organizational Administrator. You can do this by selecting Manage Organization > Users.

Next find the user that you want to remove from the platform. Select the three-dot kebab icon to the right to view a drop down menu and select 'Suspend user'.

Note: Removing this user will delete them from all Koan teams and will block them from accessing the platform. Their past submitted reflections will remain still visible to existing team members.

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