Your time zones will affect when your teams' notification are sent. You can set a default time zone for your entire organization, and each team can override for themselves (so if you have a Support team on Eastern Time, but your engineers are on Pacific time, each can have their notifications send appropriately).

Adjusting Your organization's time zone

Organizational Administrators can set a default time zone for all teams in 'Manage Organization' settings under Customization (all free tier users will have access to organization settings. Learn more about pricing here).

Note: this change will only affect new teams. Existing teams won't be overridden.

To further-customize Koan for organizations with geographically diverse teams, Team Managers and Team Administrators can adjust the time zone beyond the default for their specific team.

Adjusting your team's time zone

If you are a Team Manager or Team Administrator, you can update your team's time zone by selecting Manage Team > General (free tier users all will have access to team settings.)

Once you're in the General team settings, scroll down to Time Zone, and then select your time zone from the drop-down menu.

The team time zone will be used to schedule all of the team's notifications. You can edit notifications settings (days and times) by going to Team settings > Reflection schedule. For step-by-step instructions on how to customize your team's reflection notifications, go here.

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