Regular feedback is a universal feature of engaged, high-performing teams. Koan lets you offer feedback on your team's status updates through public comments, private notes, and one-click emoji reactions. Here's how they work.


Comments let all members of the team discuss their work. As your teammates submit their status updates, use the comment box at the bottom of the page to ask questions or offer public feedback. We'll let the team know as new comments arrive and give them a chance to jump in with comments of their own.

Private Notes

As the manager of a Koan team, you can also give feedback privately. When a new update is submitted, click the "Send a private Note" button at the top of the update, write your feedback, and click "Send" to share it.

Note: Private notes are also visible to the team manager, as well as team admins and org admins who are in a team.

(Private notes are only available on paid Koan plans. Learn more about our pricing here.)


Emoji reactions let the team quickly react to one another's efforts. Hover over any line of a teammate's reflection to bring up the reaction menu, then clap, commiserate, love, or +1 in support of their work.

Reviewing Feedback

The feedback you've given and received each week is on the feedback pageā€”just click "View feedback" on the sidebar to see it!

Other Resources

Of course, effective feedback is much more than the channel that carries it. Here are some of our favorite articles about making great feedback a priority for your team.

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