Every team in your organization who is working on goals can have their own space to work inside of Koan. Organizations on paid plans can also set up hierarchies between teams to structure their departments. There is no limit to the number of teams that you can create, though the best teams are the ones that are most collaborative.

What is a team?

Teams in Koan is a functional or cross-functional group of people who will be working on a set of goals and communicating about their progress. This might be your Product team or Marketing team, or it could be a hybrid team, like NOR-AM Offices or New Product Feature. Only members of a team can read each other's reflections. (We recommend 5-15 users per team. Too many and it starts to be hard to find the information you need).

Creating a New Team

You can create a team directly in the sidebar or from the All Teams page:

Note: some paid organizations only allow for admins to create new teams. If you don't see the Create team button, check with your workspace's admin.

You'll be prompted to enter the team name. After naming your team, you'll also be able to invite other members to your team. You can invite existing users by name or email address, or send invitations to new users by adding their email address:

After creating a team, you can populate more information about that team. Click the 'About thus team' button next to the team name, and then you can enter a description, and create an organizational structure with the parent teams.

Note: Anyone who creates a team will be added as an Admin for that team. Don't need to be on the team? You can remove yourself from the team in the team settings after another admin or manager has been assigned (on paid plans) or another team member has been added (on free plans).

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