Koan allows you to create many teams in your organization and lets individual users belong to multiple teams. You also have the option of setting subteams to delineate your team structure.

Creating a New Team

First, navigate to the All teams page. There, you'll have the option to create a team in the upper right corner:

Note: some teams only allow for admins to create new teams. If you don't see the New team button, check with your workspace's admin.

You'll be prompted to enter the team name and who will manage the team. Managers who aren't in the system yet can be invited during this step as well. Managers are optional, but should be added to help keep the team up to date. You can also, optionally, specify a parent team if the new team reports to an existing team in Koan:

If you want to create another team immediately after, check the Create another team box.

Note: anyone who creates a team will be added as an Admin for that team. Don't need to be on the team? You can remove yourself from the team in the team settings.

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