In your Team

Each member of your team has one of four roles:

  • Observers have full visibility into the team, but Koan will never ask them for status updates. They're useful for sharing your team's unfiltered progress with anyone that isn't directly involved in the work.
  • Members are full contributors to the team. Koan will ask them for status updates and encourage them to participate in team conversations. This is the default role.
  • Admins are members with permission to configure the team. Koan will ask them for status updates like any other team members. They can also add or remove team members, adjust settings, and configure 3rd-party integrations. They're useful for letting team members configure Koan without assuming full managerial duties.
  • Managers have all of Admins' access to team configuration, but Koan will also ask them to set team goals, monitor progress, and give feedback as team members' deliver their work.

To adjust team roles, sign into a team you administer or manage and visit Team Settings> Team:

In your Organization

  • Members include everyone in a Koan organization. This is the default role.
  • Admins can configure the organization. They can administer teams, adjust billing, configure authentication, and perform high-level tasks. You can have as many organization level admins as you need, just be sure the individual is added to Koan first, and then you can invite them to be an organization level admin.

To adjust organization roles, click Manage organization in the left navigation panel and then click Add/remove administrators:

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