There are a couple different ways to invite your team into Koan, depending on your role in Koan, how many users you're adding, and if you want them to have access to the system right away.

If you're inviting people to a specific team...

To invite your teammates into your Koan team, you will need to be a team manager, team administrator, or organizational administrator. If you created the team, you will automatically be assigned as a team administrator.

  1. Click the Manage Team icon in the top right to reach your team settings page.
  2. From team settings choose Team.
  3. Under Invite someone to your team, type a team member's email address. If the individual is already established in Koan, their email will populate in the search bar. If they have not yet been invited to Koan yet, you will have to type out their complete email, and we will send them an email invite to Koan and to your team.
  4. Select a team role for the individual.
  5. Click Add User.

That's it! We'll send your teammate an invitation to collaborate with you through Koan.

Haven't yet created your team? Go here to learn how.

If you want to add multiple people to Koan and/or don't want to send email invites...

If you're an organizational administrator and want to add multiple team members to Koan at once or want to add people to the tool without sending invites, you can do this by selecting Manage Organization> Manage all users in Koan. Then you'll have the option to add multiple users at once, as well as decide whether or not you want to send them a notification email. Add your user(s), and that's it!

Sending Email Invites vs. Silent Invites

Choosing to send or not to send email invites when you add users to Koan is up to you an an administrator.

If you choose to check Send users a welcome email, all the emails that you entered will immediately receive an email invite to Koan, regardless of whether or not those individuals have been added to teams or if you have completed setting up Koan.

If you leave Send users a welcome email unchecked, this will add users to Koan without sending them an email invite; we call this a Silent Invite. This can be useful if you want to finish setting up the Koan account (adding users to teams and assigning them to goals) before having users access it.

When you're ready to send the invitation emails (if you haven't already), there are two ways to do this. You can go back to this user list in the organizational administrative settings and select Send Invitation next to every individual.

Or, you can send a team-specific invite to an individual who has already been added to a team by going to to team settings Manage Team > Team and selecting Resend Invite next to the individuals name. Do not let the 'Resend Invite' confuse you, the first invite you sent was the 'Silent Invite'.

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