There are a couple different ways to invite your team in to Koan, depending on how many users you're adding and if you want them to have access to the system right away.

I am setting up my team and need team members to have access right away:

To invite your teammates into your Koan team,

  1. Click the gear icon in the top navigation bar to reach your team settings page
  2. From team settings choose "Team"
  3. Under "Invite someone to your team", type a team member's email address and starting role
  4. Click "Add User"

That's it! We'll send your teammate an invitation to collaborate with you through Koan.

I'm setting up Koan and want to add people into the tool, but I don't want them getting an invite yet:

If you're the admin on an account and want to add in team members without sending the invitation email until everything's been set up fully, you can add them through your Admin settings under Manage all users in Koan:

Here, you'll have the option to add in multiple users at once, as well as decide whether or not you want to send them a notification email:

Add your user(s), and that's it! You'll be able to add those users to teams and assign them to goals. When you're ready to send the invitation emails, hit the three dots menu on the right and click "Send invitation"

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