How to Import Reflections Between Teams

When you manage or contribute to multiple teams, writing separate reflections can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Fortunately, Koan lets you import the reflection you already authored for one of your teams with any of your other teams.

Once you've authored your reflection for any of your teams ("Engineering", say), you can import it to any other team by:

  1. Opening up your reflection for the second team (call it "Bridge Crew")

  2. Checking the "Engineering" reflection in the "Import Responses sidebar" in the right-hand rail

That's it! Your reflection for the Engineering team on the week of October 5th will now be imported into your Bridge Crew reflection.

Custom Questions

Koan will import as much content as possible. Sometimes, though, we aren't able to translate custom questions from one team to another. If a similar question is asked by multiple teams and we aren't able to import it, you may need to copy your answer by hand.

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