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Your mission, vision, and strategic objectives act as a "north star" for decisions made at every level of the organization. Your company or organization's homepage in Koan is the perfect place to keep them out in front of your team.

Finding your homepage

Click your company or organization name in the left sidebar to reach your homepage.

Customizing your homepage

As an organization administrator, you can customize the elements on your home page. Click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the banner image or company logo to upload your own images (recommended banner size: 2560x368 pixels, recommended logo size: 512x512 pixels). Set your mission and vision (or change the labels to match the words your company uses); add a few objectives (see here for details) or relevant links—mostly, give your team the context they need to execute.

Yearly Objectives and Quarterly Goals

Does your organization create yearly objectives or goals as well as setting quarterly OKRs? We recommend sharing your yearly strategic goals in textual or narrative form. For example, you might make use of the first widget "Mission" and the second "Vision and Yearly Objectives". Sharing your yearly or multi-year strategic goals in textual, narrative form will allow you to create a deeper context for what you're trying to achieve as a company plus ensure that your quarterly goals get primary focus and clearer tracking (your teams likely won't need to check in weekly on annual goals).

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