Our individual OKRs beta is currently closed. We will no longer be accepting new customers into the Individual OKRs feature. If you'd like to see individual OKRs in the future, let us know through the messenger in the bottom right corner.

While OKRs work best as a way to communicate company and team objectives, individual team members may wish to set individual OKRs to share their own, personal goals.

Our Thoughts on Individual OKRs

We suggest that OKRs remain a team sport, rather than individual desired outcomes, for this reason, we suggest that individuals refrain from creating their own goals unless they are solely intended to drive personal growth or career development that is separate from work-related goals.

When it comes to work-related individual OKRs, we advise against them for the following reasons:

  • Individual OKRs drive complexity without the corresponding value.
  • Individual OKRs can easily run counter to alignment.
  • It’s too tempting to mix Individual OKRs with performance management.

To learn more about our views on individual OKRs and our reasoning behind the points listed above, check out the link below.


How to Enable Individual OKRs for Personal Development in Koan

All that being said, you can enable support for Individual OKRs within Koan. Please note that Koan's individual OKRs feature is still in beta.

In order to enable individual OKRs in Koan, you must be an Organizational Administrator. You can enable them by selecting Manage Organization > Manage Team Permissions > Individual OKRs, then select "Enable Individual OKRs".

How to Navigate Individual OKRs

Once you enable individual OKRs, everyone in your organization will have an "Individual Goals" page located in the navigation. Anyone can add their individual OKRs in this page.

Some things to note about Individual goals:

  • Individual goals are not private to the individual and can be viewed by anyone in the organization.
  • Individual goals also only involve the individual, and leads and contributors cannot be assigned.
  • Individual goals can still be linked to parent goals that belong to other teams.
  • Individual goals are intended to be for qualitative growth, so their KRs do not have the option to add a metric.
  • Individual goals will never show up in your reflections to be updated. You must update them manually.
  • Although individual goals do not show up in reflections to be updated, you can submit confidence ratings on these individual goals asynchronously through the goal fly-out.

Note: If you want to have OKRs that are owned by one person, but are contributing to larger team goals and are incorporated into the larger Koan workflow, see below.

Individual OKRs that Support the Team

Because of the limitations noted above, if you want to allow for OKRs that are owned by an individual, but are contributing to a larger team goal, we suggest that you simply create an OKR associated with a specific team, and assign the desired individual as the lead to all of that objective's key results. In this case, there is no need to enable 'Individual Goals'. You can simply follow the typical goal creation steps to create these OKRs.

Have more Questions?

Navigating how best to set up OKRs for your team in Koan can be tricky. If you still have questions that weren't answered in this article, ask us your questions directly through the chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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