Hello from the Koan team! Consider us your virtual mentors. We are excited to help your team realize its purpose. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, no matter the nuances of your current team, Koan will be there to help. Our goal with these guides is to make it as easy as possible for you. You can read them one at a time or all at once.

  1. Guide one: Koan at a glance. The TL;DR to get you, your team, and your decision makers excited about Koan
  2. Guide two: Invite your team. It may be tempting to get Koan all set-up before you invite your team. Don’t! The sooner you invite your team, the faster you will reap the benefits of using Koan.
  3. Guide three: Gather data from day one. Start weekly reflections immediately and you will start collecting data to better inform your decisions while also getting your team used to something new.
  4. Guide four: Help your team realize its purpose with OKRs. We share everything you need to know about OKRs, whether you are new to the goal framework or a seasoned champion of it.
  5. Guide five: Save time with the data we curate for you. You can use the data collected via weekly reflections to save time in one-to-ones, team meetings, all-hands, planning efforts, and more.
  6. Guide six: Take your leadership to the next level. Learn how Koan can help you realize your potential as a leader.
  7. Guide seven: Koan at scale. Set-up your company page and make it easy for everyone to see progress and support each other toward success across your entire company.

We wrote these guides thinking about what would be most helpful for  the leader of a team and the person setting-up Koan for your company. Even so, they may be just as helpful for all team members as you start your Koan journey.

If you wish we covered something in these guides or have any questions while using them, click the chat button on this page or drop us a note at support@koan.co. Check our updates page to see what's new.

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