It is tempting to delay inviting your team until you have Koan set-up. There is no need. We have designed Koan so that you will get immediate benefit by inviting your team ASAP. Here’s how it works:

  1. We set you up for success. When you invite your team, we send them an email giving them context on why you are using Koan and what to expect.
  2. We suggest adding Koan as a topic on your next team meeting agenda, but the intro email allows you to wait for your next meeting so you don't have to hold an extra meeting.
  3. You can also then see who on your team proactively asks you for more details, which is a great way to gauge your team's pulse as they get ready to use Koan.

Your team is now ready for the weekly reflection, whether it includes OKRs from the first week or not.

Read more about the mechanics of inviting your team and about roles in Koan.

If you have any questions or ideas along the way, click the chat button on this page or drop us a note at

Check our updates page to see what's new.

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