Your team probably doesn’t love status updates, but we all know they are helpful for keeping you and your team in the loop. We have reimagined the idea of the weekly status update into something quick and meaningful. This is the feature that many of our customers either love immediately or, after a few weeks, they wonder how they ever lived without it. This is because we have reconciled the hatred for status updates with the need to be informed.

  • We structure the weekly questions to give you important data to help you be an amazing leader. Each week you will learn what every member of your team has accomplished, what they are planning for next week, where they need help, and the current status of the most important things they are working on. You will see at any point in time how your team is tracking toward goal and what is impacting their success.
  • We prompt you and your team each week so you never have to remember to complete your reflection. This prompt creates a positive habit loop, letting your entire team end their week with a moment of pause to say how the week was and plan for the next week. Additionally, we prompt you when it’s time to review your teams’ reflections, making it easy for you to stay responsive.
  • We make reflections public to your entire team, driving a healthy culture of transparency. You and each member of your team can react to updates and leave comments, engaging with each other's work while creating a historic record over time.
  • We grant you flexibility with several settings to fit the reflection into the workflow of your team, such as the reflection schedule, notifications, profile images, and timezone.

Read more about how reflections work in Koan and how to get the most out of them. If you are not ready to set-up OKRs, we recommend still starting with weekly reflections. You can add OKRs at any time.

We talk about how this form of a weekly status update will make you and your team be more efficient in Guide 5. We also talk about how Koan’s weekly reflection feature will take your leadership to the next level in Guide 6.

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