We know your time and that of your team is very valuable. We also know how much time is wasted in unproductive meetings each week. We have thoughtfully designed a few key features to jump start many necessary meetings to get to the heart of what you need to discuss, arming you with immediate talking points and agenda items.

  • One-to-ones. You will be able to start one-to-one conversations already knowing where your team member is at with their priorities, progress, and any problems blocking them. You will be able to connect members of your team more easily as you see they are working on the same things. Pay attention to the confidence ratings. If you are aligned with the rating and already know what is driving it / have next steps, there is no need to rehash this in a one-to-one. However, if you are unsure of the why behind your team member's confidence rating, you would rate it differently, or you want to be sure there are next steps in place, this is a great agenda item for your one-to-one.
  • Team meetings / all-hands. You will see at any point in time how your team is tracking toward its goals and what is impacting its success. You can set your team meeting agenda based on your team's progress and confidence ratings. This allows you to focus the conversation on what is at risk, talking about next steps instead of status. Koan's CEO describes this process in more detail in his blog about the heartbeat of great teams. You will be able to follow a similar flow as in your team meeting to communicate progress to a group of any size, including your department or company all-hands.
  • Performance reviews. You will be able to review historic reflections to gather a summary for performance reviews. You will no longer have to track notes separately, nor will you get caught by recency bias when going through the performance review cycle. You can simply scroll through the weekly reflections and feedback summaries to pull out highlights spanning the entire review cycle timeline. Read more about what OKRs, specifically, bring to performance management.
  • Planning efforts and retrospectives. You can use custom questions to help gather input on any planning processes you run with your team. You can set the question to be one-time Read more about how to set-up custom questions. Similarly, you can use the monthly retrospective questions to continuously seek input from your team on what is working and what may need to change. Read more about using the monthly retrospective questions.

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