Leading a team can be hard. At Koan, we’re inspired to help teams and companies do their best work. Since our start in 2016, we’ve worked hard to build simple and intuitive tools that embody the best practices of great leaders and teams. As you join us in building a new paradigm around teams and what it means to be a leader, here are some ways that Koan can help you take your leadership to the next level:

  • Alignment. Koan is designed to keep your team aligned. By making it easy for your team to find their OKRs and the process of rating them every week, will bring your team together like never before. The transparent nature of weekly reflections and OKR ratings will make it easy for the entire team to stay aligned on top priorities and have productive conversations about what it will take to get the most important things done. Read more about Koan and alignment.
  • Purpose. Koan is designed to make it easy for your team to realize its purpose. This starts with OKRs and continues through each weekly reflection. Your team will be reminded each week how their day-to-day ties to the larger vision and goals of the company. They will see how the fit into the purpose every time they update the progress of the OKRs they own or to which they contribute. By engaging with each team member's weekly reflection through emoji reactions and public comments, you can show your entire team that you are paying attention and actively listening to them. Leaving a private note each week calling out just one item specifically is quick and goes a long way. Showing your team that you care is one of the most important ways to keep your team motivated and focused on the work that matters most. Read more about Koan and purpose.
  • Feedback. Koan is designed to let you be your team's coach and make feedback a regular, and therefore very powerful driver of your team's effectiveness. Every week, you will be presented with the items each member of your team completed — this reflects how your team is spending their time and most humans crave that to be acknowledged. You can react with an emoji to highlight this good work. You can take just a few seconds to leave a public comment for the really important items. You can take just a few minutes to pull together a list of the highlights across your team to summarize in your weekly team meeting to demonstrate to the entire team what matters most to you. Taking these few moments to acknowledge your team's individual and shared success will go a long way to ensuring your team feels recognized. In addition to the public ways you can leave feedback, you can also leave private notes when reviewing your team members' weekly reflections. Generally, coaching should be given over a conversation vs. a written note. With the private note in Koan, you can queue up a discussion for your one-to-one, letting your team member know you would love to talk more about something they mentioned in their reflection. Then, you can coach them in your one-to-one. Read more about Koan and feedback.

Koan puts you one step ahead. Your team will be keeping you more informed than ever. In turn, you can use your weekly reflection to help your team understand how you spend your time, share what is top of mind for you, and really help them have more understanding of your role as their leader. The return of investment is pretty big compared to how little time it takes each week.

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