Any leader can start using Koan with ease, focusing just on their team's context. We have made it equally easy to use Koan at scale for your entire company.

  • Create the company page to keep your mission, vision, and strategic objectives visible and easily accessible to everyone at the company. This provides everyone the "north star" for decisions made at every level of your company.
  • Configure single sign-on (SSO) via Office 365, Okta or OneLogin to make it as easy as possible to access Koan.
  • Integrate with Slack to fit into your existing Slack workflows.
  • Team aggregation allows leaders to share what is happening within their team without their own manager having the burden of reading everyone’s updates.
  • Importing reflections makes it easy to be part of multiple teams and choose key details from one reflection to include in another.
  • Use roles in Koan to add people to teams, but set them as an observer. This allows them to see a teams’ reflections without having to contribute.
  • Share individual reflections when it matters most. Sharing allows you to pick and choose important updates to share more broadly with peers, a cross-functional group, etc.
  • Build a custom API integration or integrate with Zapier to streamline the flow of data from Koan to existing tools and systems.

Read more about rolling out Koan at scale to your entire company.

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