Every week, Koan will prompt you to complete your reflection.

In a nutshell, you can think of Reflections as a weekly update (you might refer to it as a status report or status email 😀) on the important things you got done, are planning to get done next week, and any problems, issues or blockers that you might have faced. The great thing about doing this in Koan is gathering these insights in one, transparent location. You can review past updates, have conversations in the context of the work, and flag progress towards important goals.

Share priorities

Weekly status reports are a great way to improve team communication, but only if they're clear, concise, and focused on what really matters. That means being deliberate about what goes into them—but also what you leave out. As you’re wrapping up your week, here's how to make sure your report as impactful as possible.

What to include?

  • Progress made during the previous week
  • Updates on critical Objectives and Key Results
  • Priorities for the week ahead
  • Any issues or concerns that may slow forward momentum

What to leave out?

  • Routine emails, calls, and meetings
  • Every ticket triaged, handled, or closed
  • Data or analysis beneath your top-line metrics
  • Any other details that don’t impact your team

Get more guidance on writing great status updates here.

Updating goal progress

Checking in on the progress of your critical goals every week is an important positive behavior and at the core of how to use goals to set the cadence of your team.

When completing your reflection, you can update the metric and share your confidence rating.

  • The metric shows your progress
  • The confidence shows how you feel about completing the goal

Be sure to take time to share your thoughts on your confidence rating.

For a deeper look at how we do this process at Koan, check out The Heartbeat of Great Teams.

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