After watching the video or reading this article, you will have some great tips to try with your team.

Creating a positive experience

We have attempted to articulate the value of using Koan in a way that will resonate with your team here. Remember that you taking the time to leave emoji reactions and comments, send private notes, and complete your own reflection goes a long way to keeping your team engaged. You seeing their good work and acknowledging it helps them see the value of such a tool.

Sending signals to your team

As a manager, you will likely complete two reflections each week: 1) for your team and 2) your manager. While there may be some overlap, be sure to take advantage of being able to update two very different audiences separately. What signals do you want to send your team? What seeds do you want to plant? Your reflection is a great way to give them visibility and start to prepare them for anything upcoming.

Having better 1:1s

You can use Koan (both reflections, comments, and private notes) to organize your thoughts for 1:1s with your team. Reflections surface where they may need help and you can refer to their reflection and ask for more details, creating a natural conversation flow.

Having better staff meetings

Taking a few minutes at the start of your staff meeting to allow everyone to read each other's reflections is a great way to signal the importance of them and the value they bring. You can read more here about how Koan can help you have better staff meetings.

Celebrating wins

Koan makes it easy to see all the good work happening. You can pull details from reflections and the goal summary > tagged items to highlight key work being done toward goals and initiatives.

Taking advantage of the historic data

Reflections create a repository of historic information that can be helpful in remembering all of the work you and your team have done when it comes time to make note of such accomplishments, for reviews, etc. Though, resist tying goals to performance management (read more here).

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