In Koan, your reflection isn't the only place where you can rate and comment on your goals, you can also directly submit confidence ratings and comments in a key result's fly-out (what we call the informative window that opens when you click on a key result).

Asynchronous Confidence Ratings

We always suggest that you submit confidence ratings on all of your key results through your reflections on a weekly basis. That being said, you can also add asynchronous ratings to a key result after you've completed your weekly reflection.

Submitting a rating through the fly-out does not change your previous rating, but instead, is viewed as an additional rating. Unlike ratings submitted through reflections, asynchronous ratings and comments cannot be edited or deleted.

Here's how to submit an asynchronous rating:

  1. Navigate to the key result and click on it to open the fly-out.

  2. Within the fly-out, you will need to select the Discussion tab.

  3. Select the "add rating" icon to enter and submit your new rating with an associated comment.

Note: Confidence ratings and comments submitted through the key result fly-out cannot be edited or deleted.

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