Your mission, vision, and strategic goals/OKRs act as a "north star" for decisions made at every level of the organization. Your company homepage in Koan is the perfect place to keep them out in front of your team. 

Learn more about creating your company homepage here and follow the steps in this article to add your company goals/OKRs.

A note to our customers who added OKRs/goals to the company page before July 17

We have migrated your objectives so that your company page remains in tact. We did not migrate your key results automatically because it will change the experience. If you wish to promote your key results also, simply follow the steps below. Reach out to or click the green intercom bubble inside the Koan app, if you have any questions.

A few important details to get us started

  • Only organization admins can add goals/OKRs to the company homepage
  • There are two ways organization admins can add goals/OKRs to the company homepage: 1) promoting existing goals/OKRs or 2) creating them from the all goals or the homepage itself. See steps below.
  • If you promote an existing goal/OKR, because it is assigned to a team, leads and contributors can edit the goal/OKR and members of the associated team can add or edit leads and contributors
  • Key results that are linked to the goal/OKR will not automatically show at the top level on the company homepage. They will be nested under the “other key results” section. In order to give you the most flexibility and fine grain control of what appears in full view on your homepage, we let you add key results separately to the top level (aka, visible without another click) as desired.
  • Goals/OKRs that are created from the company homepage itself can be created without having a team assigned, lead, and/or contributor assigned -- allowing you to get your homepage ready even if you are still finalizing all of your goals/OKRs across the rest of the company. If you want to be sure those accountable for these goals/OKRs are providing ratings and/or they are included in the reflection prompt, be sure to assign teams and leads/contributors.
  • Goals/OKRs that live on the company homepage must be public. If you want to promote an existing goal/OKR, be sure it’s public before doing so.

Creating company goals/OKRs from the all goals page or within the company homepage

  1. Navigate to your company homepage in the left navigation panel
  2. Click on the add Objective and/or add Key Result buttons
  3. These will open a create screen and you will fill in the details
  4. Fill in the details, save, and voila!
  5. Be sure to publish your homepage if it’s not already and complete the rest of the set-up as outlined here.

Promoting existing goals/OKRs to live on the company homepage

  1. Find the existing goals/OKRs (and/or key results) you want to promote to live on the company homepage or create them 
  2. Hover to expose the edit button
  3. Select “Promote to company goal”

Note: If you demote a key result, it will revert to being listed under “other key results” on the homepage.

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