Koan supports the ability for multiple teams to work on an Objective or Key result simultaneously. This offers an extremely powerful and flexible way to provide improved visibility of goals, to work on goals cross-functionally, and to make dependencies between teams explicit.

The teams that each Objective or Key Result is associated with is displayed in-line. In the following example, the "Recruit 500 beta users" Key Result belongs to four different teams:

Editing Teams

You can edit the teams that an Objective or Key Result is associated with while creating or editing the goal. Navigate to  the "Teams" section and use the "Add Team" control to search and add additional teams.

Once you've added a team to an Objective, you can select from those team members when editing the Lead (Objectives and Key Results) or Contributors (Key Results):

Things to Note

  • Adding a team to an Objective or Key Result team means the goal will display on that team's list of goals. As a best practice: ask or notify a team's manager or administrator before adding a goal to their team.

  • An organization control (see below) controls permissions settings for who is allowed to edit the teams a goal is associated with. In the open mode, anyone can assign any team to a goal. In the restricted mode, users can only add a team to a goal if they belong to that team.

Organization Administrative Setting

In Org Settings > Administration > Manage team permissions, you can control permissions around editing team goal assignment:

  • Open Mode: anyone in the organization can assign goals to any team.

  • Restricted Mode: members of the organization can only assign a goal to teams they belong to.

(Restricted mode is only available on paid Koan plans. Learn more about our pricing here.)

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