Table View

You can switch the view of your team's OKRs from being grouped by Objectives to being a table of Key Results. This enables you to sort your team's Key Results by various characteristics, including Confidence Rating.

To switch to Table View, visit your team's Goals page, and then choose the Table View toggle from the menu bar in the top right corner:

Then, you can sort by different characteristics by scrolling left-to-right and selecting the column headers you want to sort by. The table view can be filtered by lead, due date, and confidence rating. 

Sorting by Confidence Rating

Sorting by confidence rating is a powerful way to identify at-risk goals quickly. Many team managers use this feature to create an agenda for their team goal meetings. Koan identifies problems and prioritizes your goals for you, so that you can spend your meeting solving problems and saving time.

To sort by confidence rating, you will need to select the Table View toggle, then select the column header labeled Confidence (You may need to scroll to the right to find it). This will sort all of your team's Key Results from least-confident to most-confident, helping you to root out the Key Results that may need the most TLC.

If you'd like to add in additional data into the table (like the 7 day change in confidence, or the most recent update from the lead, you can do that by clicking on the + in the upper right corner:

Changes made to the table view are reflected in the URL, so if you'd like to share your table with another member of your organization, you can copy and paste the URL that shows after you make the changes.

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