As you track your progress on your OKRs, Koan helps you find two things: your team's metrics on the Key Results, and your lead and contributors' confidence on whether or not you'll hit your goal. Mixing this quantitative and qualitative data gives your team a better sense of how you're tracking towards the goals, especially when the numbers don't give the complete story. (Imagine a sales team working towards a revenue number. Even if the metrics don't look good early on, the team knows their pipeline and how likely their leads are to convert, and will typically see the goal hit at the end of the quarter.)

To get the confidence of your team, we ask each lead and contributor to rate their progress in their weekly reflections. This is done by rating on a 1-10 scale, with 1-3 being "At Risk", 4-7 being "Has Issues", and 8-10 as "On Track."

Generally, we think of this meaning:

At Risk: The goal is at risk of failure. Without changing drastically, there is a very low likelihood of success. 

Has Issues: The goal might not be hit. There are hurdles to clear, but success is possible. 

On Track: It is likely that the goal will be hit. Success is expected. 

But beyond that, your team should sync internally to decide on the specific criteria that your team has for when a goal is At Risk, Has Issues, or On Track. Using that criteria, you can be more specific with your ratings. For example: 

  1. If things are going well, but you're worried there might be some upcoming hurdles, or that momentum has slowed, rating your goal with an 8 helps give that context.
  2. The goal had issues, and you aren't seeing progress made towards overcoming those issues. These aren't blockers yet, but something to be wary of, so you'd rate it a 4.
  3. You had issues with your goal, and the team put in a lot of work, but it's too early to see the results. Rating with a 7 helps communicate your feelings more directly. 

Best practice for submitting a confidence rating is to also include a comment to give everyone full visibility and context into your rating. Read more about submitting reflections and confidence ratings here

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