Looking to add a photo, change your name, or turn off notifications? You can do it all in your profile settings! To get to your profile settings, click on your name in the bottom left corner:

From there, you'll have three options: 


If you want to update your photo or profile information, you can do that here. Just click "Edit" in the top right: 

If you haven't uploaded a profile image directly, Koan will attempt to automatically determine your profile image using the Gravatar service.

Gravatar is a centralized profile image service attached to your email address. Visit Gravatar and create a Gravatar associated with the email address you use in Koan. Then, the next time you log into Koan, your Gravatar will be automatically used.

Note: organization administrators can also edit user profiles using the same Edit button on an individual profile page. This can help facilitate the user provisioning process.


Personal pronouns can also be added to your profile. Go to your profile and click the Edit button to add your pronouns. There, you can include pronouns, a title, a location, and a biography.

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Integrations are only available on paid Koan plans. Learn more about our pricing here.

If you need an API key for custom integrations or to connect your Jira account, you can do so from the Integrations section of your profile:


To turn off or on email notifications sent by Koan about Reflections, Key Results, or Best Practices, switch to the Notifications tab on the left: 

Here you can turn on or off: 

  • Reflection reminders

  • Reflection activity (when your teammates submit a reflection or your manager gives you feedback)

  • Reflection comments (when teammates leave comments on your reflection)

  • Reflection comment reply (if you've commented on a reflection, and a teammate replies to you)

  • Reflection mention (if a teammate mentions you in their reflections)

  • Key Results (if a new Key Result is created or when the details change)

  • Koan tips (best practice tips from Koan)

Want more settings? Have any feedback? Reach out through the messenger in the bottom right corner and let us know! 

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