Connect Koan to Jira and add your tasks into your reflection and close the loop on the important work you're doing towards your goals. With the Jira integration, you'll see the tickets you're assigned to next to your reflection question: 

Add tickets into your reflection by clicking on the down arrow next to the ticket and choosing which section to add it to: 

In this case:

Progress = What are the important things you got done last week?

Priorities = What are your top priorities for this week?

Challenges = What concerns should the team be aware of?

(We don't currently support adding Jira tickets directly to custom questions)

Once added, you'll see the ticket number and the title in that section of the reflection and can add context and tag it to a Key Result:

Adding the Jira integration to your account

To add the Jira integration to your account, go to your profile and navigate to the integrations tab: 

From there, click Connect, and follow the prompts.

Note: Each team member will need to set up their own Jira integration in order to see Jira tickets in their reflection.

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