Koan helps you set goals and measure progress. Once you've written your OKRs, it's time to add them into Koan. 

Adding Objectives:

Navigate to the team page (or one of the team's pages) for the team responsible for the OKR. If multiple teams are going to be working on the same Objective, start with the team who will be doing the most work on it:

Click Add + and then select Add Objective: 

Here, you'll set up all of the information that we need about the Objective. You can add the title of the objective, as well as a description that includes context or links to additional documentation. You'll also want to specify the date the Objective is due by so our team knows how you're tracking: 

We can then decide if this Objective links to another objective (more on that here), and also choose if there are other teams that are working on this goal: 

You can add a lead to the objective if you'd like, but we see teams have success while only adding leads to the Key Results. Leads for your Objective will need to be a member of the team assigned to the Objective. If you assign multiple teams, you'll be able to see those teams' members when you assign the lead. 

Adding Key Results:

If you're ready to add Key Results, navigate to the Objective you created in the OKRs tab and click "Add key result" at the bottom:

Note: You can also create a new Key Result from the Add + button at the top if you want to link it to another Key Result or a different Objective

The process for setting up a Key Result is very similar to setting up an Objective, so add you title, description, and date. Then, since all good Key Results have a number, choose your metric for how you're tracking your Key Result: 

You can update your metrics through the API if you'd like to have them automatically stay up to date. 

Finally, you'll want to choose who is leading the Key Result and who is contributing to it. You want to add these in since we'll automatically ask leads and contributors for their confidence ratings on those KRs each week. The lead should be the person doing the most work on the Key Result, and contributors should be any of the people you'd like to reflect on that KR: 

Want to know more about linking your OKRs to other OKRs? Read more on that here

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