Koan helps you set goals and measure progress. Once you've written your OKRs, it's time to add them into Koan. 

Adding OKRs:

We've made adding in the basics of your OKRs a quick as possible with our inline creation flow. After you've added your Objective, hitting "Enter" will create Key Results. We'll automatically assign the same due-date as your Objective to all of it's Key Results to cut down on the initial setup work you'll need to do. Once you've got the basics of your OKRs in place, edit your Key Results to add additional information to help your OKRs stay up to date. 

To create an Objective: 

  1. Navigate to the team page of the team most responsible for the OKR
  2. Click + Add objective at the bottom of the page
  3. Add the title (required)
  4. Add the due date (optional)

Once you've created your Objective, you'll automatically be asked to add Key Results:

Add in all of your key results, and your OKR is created! Now it's time to add in additional details to make sure that your team is able to best track your progress. 

Adding Key Information:

After you've created your OKR, you'll want to go back to add critical context to your Objectives and Key Results. To edit each part of your OKR, click on the three dots menu on the left and hit "Edit Objective" or "Edit Key Result":

When editing your Goals, you can add a few things: 

  1. The description (optional) for additional details or links to external documents.
  2. The metric. While this is optional, all key results should have a metric in order to measure your progress. If you are interested in learning more about updating metrics automatically, check out our article Getting Started With Goal Metrics API

You can update your metrics through the API if you'd like to have them automatically stay up to date. 

Finally, you'll want to choose if there are other teams also working on the Key Result, which team members is leading the Key Result, and which team members are contributing to it. You want to add these in since we'll automatically ask leads and contributors for their confidence ratings on those KRs each week. The lead should be the person doing the most work on the Key Result, and contributors should be any of the people you'd like to reflect on that KR: 

You can only assign people from the teams assigned as leads or contributors to a Key Result. 

When you have all of those fields full, your OKR will be set up and ready for success.

Want to know more about linking your OKRs to other OKRs? Read more on that here

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