Need a full roster of your users? Looking to see the last time a user was active inside of your app? See a full list of users in your user management settings.

View Your Active/Inactive User List

To get there, click on 'Manage Organization' in the navigation and then click Manage all users in Koan. From there, you'll be able to see all of the users who have been invited to Koan, or are actively using Koan. We have specific definitions for Active vs. Inactive that are listed below...

Note: You can only access this list if you are an Organizational Administrator

Activity Definitions

It should be noted that within the All Users view of Koan, we are measuring two different types of Koan activity: when someone last logged into the tool and when someone last completed an action in the tool. These two measurements are differentiated by Activity Status and Last Activity.

Activity Status

  • Active - 'Active' means that the individual has logged into Koan in the past 30 days.

  • Inactive - 'Inactive' means that the individual has not logged into Koan in the past 30 days.

  • Not Joined - 'Not Joined' means that this individual was invited to Koan, but has yet to login.

Last Activity

  • Last Activity is defined by the last time that someone completed an action in Koan. Examples of valid 'activities' include submitting confidence ratings, reflections, comments, or updating a goal or metric.


  • Because there are two different activity measurements, it is normal for the two measurements to say different things. For example, an activity status could be 'Active', even if the 'Last Activity' is listed as over a year ago. This means that the individual logged into Koan this month, but hasn't submitted any action in the tool in the past year.

  • Users who signed up before 2/19/2020 will see different active tags based on whether the user added information into Koan. 

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