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Seeing the work being done towards an organization goal is important, and with the new Tree View, it's easier than ever to track the relationships between objectives and key results from the top down. To switch to tree view, you can use the toggle on the organizational homepage: 

With Tree View, you'll be able to see how OKRs throughout the organization have been linked, as well as get an overview of the confidence of each key result, letting you better align your company, faster. 

Linking Goals

The Tree View is made possible through the linking of individual OKRs, giving your company better insight into how they align across the organization. Goals will only be displayed in Tree View if they are connected to goals marked as organization level goals. The Tree View will only be enabled if you and your organization choose to link your OKRs. As you set up your Objective or Key Result, you'll have the option to choose a parent Objective or Key Result to link it to:

Learn more about how to link goals in Koan.

Note: When linking goals, you will only have the option to assign a parent goal to the goal you are editing. You cannot assign child goals when editing the parent objective. For this reason, we suggest that organization-level goals are entered into Koan early on. This way, as departmental teams and goals are created, they can link up to higher-level parent goals immediately and not retroactively.

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