Goal metric integrations are only available on paid Koan plans. Learn more about our pricing here.

Koan integrates seamlessly with Zapier to automate metric updates with data from thousands of apps and services. It's a great way to give your team the context they need to share accurate confidence ratings in their updates.

To connect Koan to Zapier, you'll need: 

Note: Currently, Zapier will only be able to use Koan as an action, not a trigger. You're also only able to connect Zapier to goals assigned to your team. 

To create a Zap with Koan, set up the trigger you want from the tool you're pulling your data from. In this example, we'll say that when a new row is added to a Google Sheet, increase the number in a key result by 1. After you set up the trigger, search for Koan for the action: 

Then set your action. You have the option to decrease the goal metric, increase the goal metric, or set a new number for the goal metric: 

Once we decide how we want the metric to be updated, it's time to connect Koan to Zapier. First hit "Sign in to Koan": 

You'll be brought to a modal where you'll need to enter your Koan API Key. This article goes over where you'll find your API Key. Once you've generated it, add it to Zapier: 

And now you'll get to choose how the metric is updated. You can manually set how much you'd like the number to increase or decrease, or pull it from the trigger app. In this case, we'll have it increase by 1. You can also choose to include a link to an image you'd like to display to represent where you're pulling the data from inside of the app: 

And that's it! Turn your Zap on and have your metric updated automatically: 

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