Koan automatically collects the status for your KRs for your team and displays them in the insights graph. As your team rates your Key Results, we'll show the number of goals  in each category of At Risk, Has Issues, and On Track for each week: 

We separate out your lead ratings from your contributor ratings. At the top of the insights graph, you'll be able to choose which you see, whether just leads, just contributors or both.

We run the report as soon as you open the Insights, so your most recent period will always be up to date. We show your team’s confidence from the past 13 weeks, starting from the beginning of the most-recent Wednesday, and running to the beginning of next Wednesday.

The team gives their confidence ratings every Friday when they submit their reflections. On Feb. 21, they leave their ratings, which will count for the time period from Feb. 20 through Feb 26. The rating for the previous reflection (submitted on Feb. 14) will display for the period from Feb. 13 through Feb. 19.

Since we check for how many goals have which ratings every time you open the insights graph, you'll also see results for those upcoming time periods. We'll grey out the days that haven't happened yet in case your team submits any additional ratings.

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