If you've set goals around the number of closed won deals or new accounts added to your pipeline, Koan can automatically update that number from Salesforce with our new Zapier integration. To connect it, follow these steps: 

Set your Salesforce Trigger

In Zapier, there are 4 triggers that you can use to send data to Koan: 

  • Updated field on record (when a specific field is updated)
  • New record (when a new record is created)
  • Updated record (when any field on an existing record is updated)
  • New outbound record (when an outbound record is 

In this example, we have a Key Result on the number of Closed/Won deals for the quarter, so we'll look at updating the number of deals in Koan when they move to a new stage in Salesforce. First, we'll set up the trigger for when an Opportunity moves to a new stage:

Next we'll decide how we want to update the metric in Koan. You'll have three options: 

  • Increase the metric
  • Decrease the metric
  • Set the metric to a new number

In this instance, we're looking at the total number of Closed/Won deals, so we'll increase the metric by 1 each time an Opportunity moves to Closed/Won. You'll need to connect Zapier to Koan (instructions here), and then choose to increase the metric: 

Once you've connected to Koan, you can add in the details you want to move into Koan. We'll give you a space to include how much you want to increase the metric by, as well as a space to include the URL for the page inside of the other app that you'd like to link to inside of Koan-- so if you have a dashboard you'd like to link to, include it there: 

From there, you can save your Zap and that's it! You'll see your metric updated from Salesforce in the Key Result overview:

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