You can integrate Koan with Salesforce to automatically update your goals. To start streaming metrics like Closed/Won deals or the number of new accounts added to your pipeline, set up a Zapier integration with the following:

Set your Salesforce Trigger

In Zapier, there are 4 triggers that you can use to send data to Koan: 

  • Updated field on record (when a specific field is updated)
  • New record (when a new record is created)
  • Updated record (when any field on an existing record is updated)
  • New outbound record (when an outbound record is 

In this example, we have a Key Result on the number of Closed/Won deals for the quarter, so we'll look at updating the number of deals in Koan when they move to a new stage in Salesforce. First, we'll set up the trigger for when an Opportunity moves to a new stage:

Next we'll decide how we want to update the metric in Koan. You'll have three options: 

  • Increase the metric
  • Decrease the metric
  • Set the metric to a new number

In this instance, we're looking at the total number of Closed/Won deals, so we'll increase the metric by 1 each time an Opportunity moves to Closed/Won. You'll need to connect Zapier to Koan (instructions here), and then choose to increase the metric: 

Once you've connected to Koan, you can add in the details you want to move into Koan. We'll give you a space to include how much you want to increase the metric by, as well as a space to include the URL for the page inside of the other app that you'd like to link to inside of Koan-- so if you have a dashboard you'd like to link to, include it there: 

From there, you can save your Zap and that's it! You'll see your metric updated from Salesforce in the Key Result overview:

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