Confidence Index

Confidence scores in Koan are a powerful tool for providing leading indicators for success or failure on your goals. Koan aggregates the confidence data across many goals into a single Confidence Index Score to provide quick insights into whether you are on track or not at a higher level.  To learn about Confidence Ratings, go here.

Koan algorithmically weighs multiple factors to provide an aggregated Confidence Index score. For example, confidence scores from leads are weighted more heavily than contributor scores, and goals rated more recently are weighted more heavily than stale goal data.

Use the Confidence Index to get quick insights into how your goals are progressing to make sure that you can address issues of alignment, progress, or stale ratings quickly.

There are two types of Confidence Index in Koan:

  • Objective Confidence Index

  • Team Confidence Index.

Objective Confidence Index

An Objective Confidence Index score summarizes confidence for an objective, and states whether the objective is 'On Track', 'Has Issues', or 'At Risk'.

This score is especially valuable for “departmental” and company-level objectives that may include many aligned sub-OKRs. The Objective Confidence Index leverages all underlying OKR confidence scores (even across many teams).

How does the Objective Confidence Index work?

The Confidence Index is a weighted average of ratings on goals, calculated week over week. Koan calculates this number over a rolling period of weeks with an algorithm that progressively reduces the weight of historical ratings over time. For each of your goals, it:

  • Combines lead and contributor ratings for the current week, weighted toward lead ratings.

  • If only lead or contributor ratings exists in the current period, it uses those respective ratings.

  • If neither lead nor contributor ratings exist in the current week, Koan will look at the previous week, with a reduced weight for ratings found until ratings are too stale to count.

  • When calculating a Confidence Index for an Objective, it takes into account all aligned sub-OKRs, progressively weighing them less the deeper they appear in the

Team Confidence Index

The Team Confidence Index summarizes a team’s confidence across all their goals. It uses confidence data from both leads and contributors and helps you understand confidence trends over the past quarter.

You can access the Team Confidence Index by going to the Goals tab of any team and selecting 'Insights'.

Within the Insights window, you will have access to the Team Confidence Index, as well as the Goal Summary, which lists the number of your Objectives that are marked as on track, having issues, or at risk.

Note: To learn about Confidence Ratings, go here.

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