Koan can help your team stay engaged each day by asking team members what they accomplished, what their priorities are, and what concerns should the rest of the team be aware of through our Slack integration with Check-ins! 

Setting up Check-ins

To set up check-ins your team must be using Slack and you must be a Team Manager, Admin, or an Organizational Administrator.

  1. Connect Koan to Slack from your team settings using the Manage Team > Integrations.
  2. Enable Check-ins using the Manage Team > Check-ins.

Once Check-ins are enabled, you'll be able to configure them for your team with what days and times you'd like your notifications to be delivered. We recommend checking in every weekday, but giving your team some time to settle in before the reminder.

For example: if your team's workday starts at 8am, schedule your check-ins for 9. 

Checking in with your team

Each day, we'll send a Slack message to each member of your team reminding them to check in with Koan:

Click "Check-in", and share your plans for the day. To create items start each line with: 

  • "-" for work that you got done
  • "+" for work you're planning
  • "!" for concerns or blockers that the team should know about

Click "Submit", and we'll share your check-in with the rest of the team:

Slack commands

Missed the notification to fill out your Check-in? Need to fill it out early? Use the slack command /Koan checkin to activate the prompt. 

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