Looker integration is only available on paid Koan plans. Learn more about our pricing here.

Looker is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that organizations use for unifying data collection and reporting of business metrics. You can use the Looker integration for Koan to automatically update Key Result metrics.

Enable Metrics Update from Looker

The Looker integration for Koan leverages Koan's Goal Metrics API. As a first step, enable metric updates for a Key Result in the edit menu:

The integration URL that is automatically generated is what we'll use as part of the configuration in Looker webhooks as the Webhook URL.

Next, you'll use the Webhooks feature in Looker to send data to Koan. See the Looker documentation for full details. In particular:

  • For the Webhook URL in Looker, paste in the Integration URL from Koan for the Key Result you'd like to update.

  • For Data Format in Looker, choose JSON β€” Simple.

  • Choose an update schedule that makes sense for your Key Result (e.g. twice daily).

After configuring the Webook in Looker using the guide above, metric updates should begin streaming to Koan automatically on the schedule you specified!

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