Meetings work best when the most important information is front-and-center, but gathering that information can be tedious. Koan's Presentation Mode offers a way to view your OKRs' latest updates in a streamlined way to save you time and make your meetings more useful. 

Just click the screen icon on your team's Goals page to view Presentation Mode.

You'll be taken to a full-screen view with your team's OKRs on display. Navigate between goals with the navigation buttons in the upper right corner, or with your keyboard's left and right arrow keys.

Presentation mode will take you through each of the Objectives, and their Key Results, that are assigned to your team. In each Key Result, we'll show the lead's most recent rating and a scatter plot of all of the contributors ratings. Click anyone's picture in the rating chart to automatically scroll to their rating in the bar on the right.

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