Reflections are how your team shares progress, upcoming priorities, and any potential problems with one another. We want to give your team a safe place to have any candid conversations that you need, so the majority of your reflections are private only to members of your team. But there are some details we'll share with the rest of your company. We'll outline what will be private vs. public below.


At the core of Koan is how you're tracking towards your Key Results. Each week, as part of your reflection, we ask for confidence scores on the Key Results that you're working on, as well as a comment on why you're giving the score you chose. We make all confidence scores and their comments publically available on the Key Result itself in the Discussion tab:

Visible on Cross-Functional Goals

If you share a goal with another team, the Tagged Items section will be visible to both teams. As you fill out your reflection, you'll have the option to tag individual line items in the top three sections to your Key Results. If you do, we'll display those in the Tagged Items section of the Key Result. This section is only visible to members of teams assigned to that goal (e.g. if the marketing team and the product team are both assigned to a Key Result, all members of both teams will be able to see any tagged items from reflections).

Private to Your Team

Anything else in your reflection won't be visible outside of your team. Your summary section and any custom question responses will only be available for your team members, as well as items that are tagged to a goal you don't share with other teams.

We're always looking for ways to help your team communicate better, so if there's anything that would be useful for you, let us know in the messenger below.

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