As of June 2020, the team homepage in Koan has changed. We've tried to make it easier for your team to get the critical information they need faster, as well as better engage with their teammates' reflections.

Quickly see your team's goals

Logging into your team page will take you directly to your team's OKRs. See critical updates of your Key Results and more easily dig into the progress of each one or put your goals into table view to get an overview.

Write and read reflections all in one place

Instead of navigating between multiple tabs to write your reflection or to read your team's reflections, we've given you a single place to see all of the rest of your team's updates in-line with yours. See comments and reactions on your reflections under the View feedback tab.

Get more context for other teams

We've made the goals view consistent whether you're on your team's homepage or another team's. We've also added in an easier place to give other team's context on what your team is working on, where you're located, or anything else that will help them understand more about all the great work that your team does and how that drives your goals.

We're always looking to make our team experience better. If you have any feedback, please start a conversation with our team through the messenger in the bottom right corner!

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