When your organization downgrades from our Pro or Enterprise plans to our Free plan, some features you have been enjoying will be unavailable. Please refer to the list below of our paid features, and what will happen to your content associated with these features.

The organization home page & organization goals

Your organization page will be disabled and you can no longer create new organization goals, though you will still be able to access your existing goals on the All goals page.

Private goals

Existing private goals will stay private, but you will no longer be able to mark existing or new goals as private.

Individual goals

The "Individual goals" section of the sidebar will be removed, though people can still access their individual goals from their own profile.

Parent & sub-teams

Individuals can un-assign existing parent teams, but will no longer be able to assign parent teams.

Single sign-on

Your existing single sign-on setup will continue to work, though you will lose access to single sign-on and configuration settings.

Team permissions

  • "Who can create teams?" will be reset to "All users"

  • "Who can assign goals to a team?" will be reset to "All users"

  • "Who can post and comment on goals" will be reset to "All users"

Jira and API integrations

The Jira and API integrations will be disabled.

Notification snoozing

All active notification snoozing will be disabled.

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