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Some goals might not be ready for the rest of your organization to see-- acquisitions, IPOs, hiring plans, etc. With private goals, you can set individual objectives or key results private so that only other members of your team (or any assigned team) can see them.

A note about private goals: Koan recommends that all OKRs stay public whenever possible. Transparency helps teams stay accountable for their goals and makes sure the rest of the organization can align more easily and that no efforts are duplicated. That said, we understand that sometimes a sensitive goal still needs to be tracked.

Marking a goal as private

To make a goal private, you'll need to create your OKR as normal. Once you've created the goal, click on the three dots menu to the right of the goal or goals that you want to make private:

When editing your objective or key result, scroll to the Privacy section at the bottom. Click the toggle in this section to change to the goal to be private:

After marking as private, your goal will show up in the goals list with a small lock icon to differentiate it from the public goals your team is working towards:

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