Setting parent teams is only available on Pro or Enterprise tiers. Learn more about pricing here.

Make your departmental goal meetings more efficient. Set a hierarchy of your teams to create structure in your organization and see all of your subteams' goals with a click.

Set a parent team

When setting up your teams in Koan, you can designate a team as a parent team for another. You can set a team's parent when creating a team for the first time and checking the This is a subteam box and choosing which team is the parent:

If you've already created your team, you can add a parent team from inside of your team settings under Team:

See subteams' goals

To toggle on the work of your subteams, click the Subteam dropdown when viewing a parent team's goals. This will list that team's subteams, and allow you to bring their work into the goals view.

When you add a subteam, that team's OKRs will be visible underneath your parent team's OKRs, separated with a header showing which subteam it belongs to in the list.

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