Upgrading to Koan Professional gets your team more features geared towards helping you align your whole organization on your goals. To make the most of those new features, we've put together this guide for how to move forward.

1. Set your team's roles

Koan Professional gives you more control over which areas of your Koan instance your team has access to. You can do this by changing the roles of your team members. Whoever upgraded your account to a paid tier will automatically be set as an organization administrator with everyone else maintaining their position as team administrators. Only organization administrators have access to global settings like determining who can create teams or assign other teams to goals. At the team level, only team managers and team admins have access to team settings like adding users or changing reflections (any user can be demoted into a team member within a team). Learn more about setting organization administrators and team managers and members here.

2. Set up your organization homepage

Your organization homepage is where you can take your Koan instance to the next strategic level. The organization homepage allows you to set top-level organizational goals, as well as connect your goals to your organization's mission, vision, or strategy. Learn more about setting up your company homepage here.

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