What’s the difference between the Free tier and the Pro tier?

The Free tier is a great way for a team to get started with Koan - no limits to the basic functionality or user count. But as more and more teams start to use Koan, the advanced features of Koan Pro unlock more powerful ways for your organization to align.

Simply put, the biggest differences between the Free tier and the Pro tier is the ability to customize permissions, advanced integration options, and the organizational homepage to manage company-wide goals with a visualization of how goals connect across the entire organization.

Upgrading to Koan Pro gets your team more features geared toward helping you align your whole organization to your goals. Here’s an in-depth overview of the advanced features, to help you better understand if the Pro tier is right for you and your organization.

Koan Pro Features

Organization homepage

Your organization’s homepage is where you can take your Koan instance to the next strategic level. The organization homepage allows you to set top-level organizational goals, as well as connect your goals to your company’s mission, vision, or strategy. This is a great play to centralize important information that is easily accessible to everyone across your company.

Tree View and Goal Linking

Seeing the work being done towards an organization’s goal is important, and with the Tree View, it's easier than ever to track the relationships between objectives and key results from the top down. With Tree View, you'll be able to see how OKRs throughout the organization have been linked, as well as get an overview of the confidence of each key result, letting you better align your company, faster.

The Tree View is made possible through the linking of OKRs, giving your company better insight into how they align across the organization. Goals will only be displayed in Tree View if they are connected to goals marked as organization-level goals. As you set up your Objective or Key Result, you'll have the option to choose a parent Objective or Key Result to link it to.

Customized Goals, Team Roles, and Permissions

Koan Pro gives you more control over which areas of your Koan instance your team has access to. You can do this by changing the roles of your team members. Whoever upgraded your account to a paid tier will automatically be set as an organization administrator with everyone else maintaining their position as team administrators. Only organization administrators have access to global settings like determining who can create teams or assign other teams to goals. At the team level, only team managers and team admins have access to team settings like adding users or changing reflections (any user can be demoted into a team member within a team). Learn more about setting organization administrators and team managers and members here.

Advanced integration options

For those organizations that want additional advanced integration options, the Koan Pro tier offers admins the to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to increase your organization’s security and quickly create Koan accounts for your team members. This includes Okta, Office365, and OneLogin.

The Koan Pro tier also allows your organization to connect to Jira and add your tasks into your reflection and close the loop on the important work you're doing towards your goals. With the Jira integration, you'll see the tickets you're assigned to while authoring your reflection.

With Pro, you’ll also unlock the ability to automatically update Key Result metrics via API updates, including using our Zapier integration. This is a great way to ensure that goal metrics are always up to date.

Export OKR data

Viewing all of your data in Koan can be very valuable, but we understand that your goal data can be useful outside of Koan as well. As part of the Pro tier, anyone in Koan can export the goals to a CSV from the All Goals page. The exported data includes current confidence scores, metrics on the Key result, due and started dates, and the associated teams and Leads that are working on the goals.

Want to try Pro features?

Within your Free account, select the option to try Pro features free for 30 days or visit or billing settings to upgrade your account today.

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