Part 1:

CC: Welcome to Koan. Today we’re going to cover getting your app up and running so that your team can work better, together. These videos are for our free tier customers, so if you’re on a paid Koan account, keep an eye out for separate videos.

We’ll be going through setting up a single team for now so let’s get started!

Setting up a Team

Invite Your Team

The first thing to do is add our teammates. We want to add teammates first since it’ll make setting up the rest of the app easier later. To do that, click on invite in the top right corner and that’ll take us to the team members page. Anyone in your instance will be able to invite other team members to your app as well.

Once we have our team members added, we want to go take a look at our reflection.


Reflections are the heartbeat of koan and are where you’ll communicate with your team, as well as keep your OKRs up to date. We ask these questions by default, but if you’d like to ask your own additional questions, you can modify your reflection by clicking on Manage Team, then on Reflection.

Here, you can add custom questions like “What’s something you learned this week?”. Once you save the question, you can also reorder these into whatever fits your team’s workflow.


After we have our reflections configured, if we want to be reminded to fill them out inside of Slack as opposed to by email, we can set up a slack integration by going to Team settings and clicking Integrations.

This also gives you the option to do asynchronous daily standups through Slack with “Check-ins”. Check-ins ask what your team has accomplished, what they’ll do next, and what concerns they have on a daily basis, all done directly in slack. This can help you stay on top of the tasks that you’re doing on your OKRs, or just stay in sync if you’re working remotely. To set up Check-ins go to Team settings > Check-ins.

And there you go! Your app is ready for your goals. Check out our Part 2 video on adding your OKRs.

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