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We’re going to go through setting up your OKRs for your team. If you haven’t watched part 1, make sure to check that out now-- there’s a link underneath this video.

Adding Goals to your Team's Goals Page

Create Team OKRs

Now that our team has been added and our reflections are ready to go, we can add in our goals. To do that, we’ll click Create a new objective on our team's Goals page.

Now we can add our Objective title, and then choose when our goal is due. We provide a few quick options for you, though we suggest using quarterly goals. After choosing our due date, hit save and we’ll be able to create our key results.

As you add your key result title, you'll notice we’ll assign the same due date as your objective, though this can be changed if you need it. Once you've written your key result, hit enter, and you’ll notice that we’ve added your metric based on the title of your key result. If you don’t see a metric, don’t worry-- we’ll cover that in just a second. Repeat as needed.

Edit Your Key Results

Once we’ve got our key results created, we can exit out of the creator and we'll have a complete OKR. We do have one additional step, though. We’ll want to go to each key result, hit the three dots menu on the right side, and click “Edit key result.”

On this page, we can add context in the description, change or set our metrics (or decide if we’re starting with a number higher than zero), and most importantly, assign our leads and contributors to our key results.

The lead should be whoever is most responsible for delivering the key result-- whoever you would tap on the shoulder for an update. Contributors are anyone else who is working with them on this key result. We’ll only ask leads and contributors on key results for updates on them in their reflection, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve got them assigned to every key result.

Hit save, and that’s it!

If you Have multiple teams in your instance, you might have cross-functional goals, and we’ll provide a link to our help center that talks more about that below.

Learn about cross-functional goals in Koan!

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