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Today we’re going to go over how to go from one quarter to the next in Koan. Before we dig in too deeply, a couple of words of advice:

  • You should do your quarterly planning in a tool that allows for collaboration on goal creation. Koan is a great place to track your goals, but it’s really a place to grade the work, not do the work. Your collaborative document editor of choice is better for brainstorming and drafting your OKRs (google docs, dropbox paper, Mural, etc.)

  • You should only have one quarter’s worth of goals active in Koan at a time. So you’ll want to archive your previous quarter’s OKRs before you add in next quarter’s.

  • Part of the OKR cycle is having a group retrospective on how you did, what went well, and what could go better next time. So before you archive your goals, you should go through the process we’ll cover here.

  • Goals that are shared between teams can be archived in any of the assigned teams. But that also means that if one team archives them, the other teams will no longer see them.

To start your goal retrospective, each Key Result lead should click on the three dots menu on the right of their KR and click “Close Key Result”

Screen Recording 2021-09-22 at 10.35.18 AM

This will bring up the goal scorecard. At the top, make sure your metric is up to date. From there, we use a 0.0 to 1.0 scale to talk through your progress. For some general advice, a 0.7 should mean that you achieved your Key Result. If you over-achieved, whether in metric or in the lessons that you learned from the quarter, mark higher depending on your level of progress. We’ll provide some explanations below the score as well. Make sure to communicate your score criteria to your team and check out our article on closing goals below.

After recording the score, have a conversation with your team on what went well, what problems you ran into, and what lessons you’ve learned from the experience. Record them in the TL;DR–Too long; didn’t read– field here.

Once you’ve done that for each of your key results, you can archive your goals to remove them from your view without losing the data. Click the three dots menu next to the Objective, and click “Archive”. This will archive the Objective, as well as any associated Key Results.

Once you’ve done that for all of your OKRs, you’ll be able to start adding in your next quarter’s goals.

And that’s it! Congrats on running through your first goal cycle with Koan. Let us know if you have any questions on this or anything else and we’re happy to help!

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