Koan helps your team focus on the high-level view of your goals. Inside of your team, you'll set up your Objectives and Key Results, but where should your team talk through the tasks and initiatives that they're doing to complete them?

In order to give your team the most flexibility when working towards your goals, Koan takes a lightweight approach to tasks. There are two options for documenting the tasks and initiatives that your team is taking:

Use your key results' description field to list initiatives

Each key result as a description field that you can see in the flyout under Overview:

To add to the Description field, click the three dots menu on the right of the key result and hit Edit key result:

If you want to mark that they've been completed, you can edit the key result again, highlight the completed initiative, and strike it through so that it's been marked off.

Tag tasks with key results in reflections

The best way to make sure that you're associating tasks with your goals is to add them to key results from your reflection. As you enter your work into the standard sections (What are the important things you got done this week?/What are your top priorities for next week?/What concerns should the team be aware of?), you'll have the option to tag that item to a key result:

This will not only show your team what KR this is work for, but we'll also aggregate all tagged items on a key result and show them in the flyout (only your team can see this section):

You'll be able to tag and see both planned work and completed work.

Need more task tracking? Let our team know through the messenger in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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