Updating your OKRs is easy with Koan. Once a week, fill out your reflection and rate your confidence on whether or not you'll hit your key result metrics by the end of the period, all on the same page. But if your team isn't seeing any goals under the My OKRs section of the reflection, there's likely a culprit.

What goals will you see in your reflection?

Reflections are team-specific, so you'll only see key results that are assigned to the same team. For example, if you're in the Product team, when you fill out your Product team reflection, you'll only see goals assigned to the Product team. If you're on multiple teams and assigned to goals in each of those teams, you'll need to fill out reflections for each of them (check out this article for how to make that easier).

If your team doesn't have any OKRs set up at all, you'll see this message in your reflection:

We have goals, but I still don't see anything

If you're getting a blank section like this:

it means that you're not assigned to your key results as a lead or a contributor (objectives that you're assigned to aren't rated and won't show in reflections). Unassigned key results will show in the All OKRs tab, however, you'll want to assign yourself to those goals to make updating your confidence as easy as possible. To do so, go to the Key Results you'd like to see in your reflection and click the three-dot menu, and then select Edit:

And scroll to the bottom to Leads and contributors. Leads are the person who is responsible for the key result, and whose rating we'll display on the main Goals page for your team. Contributors are anyone else who is actively working on the KR and will also be asked for confidence updates, but you'll need to open the key result to see contributor scores:

Once you've been added as a lead or a contributor on your key results, you'll see them appear in your reflection:

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