Updating your OKRs is simple with Koan. You complete your reflection once a week and submit confidence ratings on the key results that you're working on, and that's it! But what about your company goals? If you have created company goals but have yet to assign any leads or contributors to them, no one will be prompted to update them on a regular basis. Let's change that. Keep reading to learn how.

Rating Company Goals

There are two ways to set company goals in Koan. You can select an existing team goal and promote it to a company goal, or you can create a company goal directly from the Organization Homepage. If you created company goals using the latter, there are a couple of additional steps needed to ensure team members can update your company goals. You will need to assign a team, as well as leads and contributors to your company goals.

Assigning teams, leads, and contributors to company goals

If you created your company goals on the Organization Homepage, you will need to edit those goals to ensure that they are assigned to specific teams. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. Select the kebab (three-dot) icon to the right of the company goal you wish to edit, and select Edit.

2. Scroll down to the Teams section, and select the team or teams that will be working on this goal. All goals, even company goals, need to be assigned to a team.

3. Next, you will need to assign a lead and contributors to the goal. Select the Add a lead icon to select a lead, and the Add a contributor icon to select contributors. The lead should be the person who is leading this goal. The contributors should be anyone else who is working directly on the goal. Leads and contributors will be prompted to provide weekly updates on this goal in their reflection.

And that's it! The leads and contributors you have assigned to each key result will be prompted to update the company goal on a weekly basis in their reflection.

Have any other questions about company goals or are you interested in demoting a company goal and removing it from the company homepage? Take a look at this article.

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