Have you created a new custom reflection question, but don't see it when completing this week's reflection? If this is the case, you likely added the reflection question too late in the week. To ensure that your custom reflection questions go live when you want them to, you will need to create the custom question in advance. Read more to learn how.

Why isn't the new reflection question listed in this week's reflection?

If you created a one-time custom reflection question this week, but don't see it in this week's reflection, it is likely because you either created the custom question too late into the week or that a team member of yours began writing their weekly reflection early. In both of these cases, it would mean that the custom question has been postponed to the following reflection period and won't go live until next week. Keep reading to learn how to ensure your reflection questions go live when you want them to.

When is the best time to create a custom question?

When you create a custom question, it will automatically be scheduled to go live for the upcoming reflection, as long as no members of your team have submitted that week's reflection yet. That being said, if any of your team members have submitted their reflection early for the current week, then the new reflection question will not go live until the following week.

Because of this, we suggest that you always create your custom reflection questions early in the week to ensure that they can be applied to that week's reflection before anyone on your team completes and submits their reflection. A good rule of thumb is to create the custom questions the day following when your team's reflections are due. For most teams, this means that a custom question will be live for that week as long as it is created no later than the Wednesday before a team reflects.

Interested in learning how to create custom reflection questions? Go here.

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