Koan is all about weekly habits, and to get you in the groove of viewing and updating your priorities on a weekly basis, we will send you notifications. If you aren't receiving weekly reflection reminders via email, or are missing other expected email notifications, we can help you find the culprit. Keep reading to learn more.

Koan's Slack Integration and Reflection Reminders

If you are not receiving weekly reflection reminders via email, this most likely means that your team in Koan has turned on our Slack integration. Our Slack integration enables automated weekly reflection reminders directly in Slack, through the Slackbot. If your Koan team has turned on the Slack integration, you will no longer receive weekly reflection reminders via email, and they will only be sent to you through Slack.

Customizing Your Personal Notification Settings

If your team does not have the Slack integration turned on and you still aren't receiving your reflection reminder via email, or you aren't receiving other Koan notification emails, you may need to change your personal notification settings. You can view and customize your notification settings by selecting your profile in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and selecting notifications. This will show you all notifications that are turned on as well as let you customize the notification settings to your preferences.

If You Still Aren't Receiving Notification Emails...

If your team does not have the Koan Slack integration turned on, and you have already checked your personal notification settings, and you still aren't receiving notification emails, you may want to check in with your Koan team manager. Team managers and admins have the ability to turn off notifications team-wide for a set period of time. It may be worth checking in with a team manager to see if they might have turned notifications off.

Still can't get to the bottom of your missing notification emails? Or do you have any other questions? We are here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out to us through the chat below.

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